may you be even more generous than you are lucky

Tree of Abundance by Belinda Patton

Last week, sitting in the blue funk that this time of year heralds, I wrote a wish, a tag-line to a column published in this blog.

May you be even more generous than you are lucky.

I’ve thought about it daily since it came to me, repeated it dozens of times, both verbally and “in print.”  The reactions I receive in person interest me greatly.

First, I’m shown a quick smile – those with whom I share air know me to be a thinking, positive person – and then a brief frown.  Why?  Because it sounds like a curse.  They smile again, bemusedly, and thank me for my good wishes, taking on faith and experience that the wish is for the good.

It is.

Think about it.  If you are lucky, you have the wherewithal to be generous with all that you have and all that you are.  If you are unlucky, you’re still breathing and thinking and feeling, you still have your mind and heart and life experience.  You still have everything you need to be generous.

Being generous means being connected and engaged.  If you’re unlucky – or you perceive yourself to be – you might be living “at” rather than “with.”

I’ll leave you with that last concept – one of my favorites – and again make a wish.

May everything you want for yourself accrue to you and to everyone around you.


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