it never comes when you expect it


It seldom appears when you think you need it most or worse, feel that need.

But every now and then, you receive postcards from the æther, little missives of such generosity and admiration that you’re embarrassed ever to have asked for them at all.

If you’ve read Radiography of the Soul before, you’ll know that I espouse gratitude as a way of life, even expressing thankfulness for the rather awful lessons that I’m handed by the Universe.  Understand, please, that my first-world “awful lessons” don’t have a patch on the real problems suffered by so many in today’s badly fractured world.  My gratitude accrues to that very fortunate position, and what there seems to be for me to do in this particular life is to learn the best I can about spreading ripples of compassion.

I get surprised when those ripples come to me.  In my lifelong role as catalyst, I hear about the scratchy bits far more.  Of course, there’s the old psychological rule of thumb, that we hear only one word of praise for every seven words of blame.

All I can hope is that my continuing gratitude keeps my head from swelling around the nice things people are lately saying and doing, while allowing me to accept those things.

There’s a generosity in receiving, just as there is in giving.

Everyone I know has so much to give, so much to offer, and many are continually frustrated because they’re not in milieux in which others have need for their gifts.  But wait.  The next time someone offers you gratuitous advice, or you ask advice but really want approbation, stop.  Listen.  Value the giver whether or not their gift is the one you sought.  You can learn a heckuva lot of things from actively receiving others’ generosity.  Things you didn’t know.  Things you thought you didn’t need or want to know.

Education is NEVER wasted.  Nor is generosity and nor is gratitude.


©2012 all rights reserved


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