full moon

rull moon

Happy Full Moon!

What is it about the full moon (other than that the moon influences the tides and we are [up to] 60% water)?  Oh, and its beauty, there’s that.

Makes me think of Bill Irwin (FOOL MOON), I’m so grateful for all of it, all of the theater and music and dance I’ve been present for, my current lunacy, the amazing, generous folks who support me even when I’m unable to return the favor. Things are changing, always changing, thank you Universe for this maddening, fascinating journey.

And graphic art and poetry and fiction and math and physics and flowers and trees (even when they make me sneeze) and people people people and Betsy and Jenny (they’re big, dear, gorgeous sheepdogs) and Cosmo and Sam (my two cats of recent memory).

Life.  I’m grateful for life.




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