the only constant

hands reaching

Yet another lesson about transitions in this most transitory of seasons.  Transitaceous?

I daily look at The Book of Changes and glean how the “changing lines” transport from what was or is to what can be, what could be. Change is all there is, change is the only constant.  Resistance to change causes all manner of ills.  Going with the flow or swimming upstream, it is all in response to change.

Not being a scholar of world religions, I’ve only just learned about Vinayaka Chaturthi, the festival celebrating a deity whose icon resides on or about my person at all times, a god of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune.  Which is not why I carry his image.

I was given to understand that he’s a remover of obstacles.  Obstacles being that which impede change? Parenthetically, I’ve learned that he removes not necessarily the obstacles I think need removing…  but I consider him my personal Shehecheyanu, a prayer my mother offered up weekly and I, daily.

The lesson to which I referred?  Ahh.



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