Where has the language gone, and who will coin the missing words?

A children’s school advertises, “Don’t forget to register your favorite young artist for spring classes.” Because now, we are all “artists,” even children who have no craft. Any child who gets straight As is a “genius,” who learns and plays one piece of music, “brilliant.”

And standalone classes taught by anyone who has achieved a modicum of success are deemed Master Classes, so what does one call the class taught by a true Master to others on the brink of mastery? How are we to know the difference, when superlatives denote the commonplace?

What word can we use to describe a person who, by dint of long, hard work at underlying forms and cultivation of intuition / ability to express, who makes works that surprise, uplift, educate, and add to the sum of human knowledge?

We used to call them “artists.”  Now what?








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