Back in December, I was attending a general-seating play at 59E59. I arrived early and chose my seat with care. When the house was almost full, A young woman and man came in, the woman pointed at a single seat elsewhere and told me I could go sit in it so she and her date could sit together. “No,” said I. There were a couple of empty duos, not nearly as good seats, and anyway I don’t like being bossed about, particularly by a young woman who believes that because she is with a man, she is worth more than I am.

They sat across the way, he ministering to her snit, and three folks came in together, about the same age, a woman and two men. They looked around, chose single seats, and sat, the woman next to me. We struck up a conversation. We continued it during intermission. She mentioned that her partner is a director. After the play, we all met up in the bar, and I had a conversation with her partner. Who is now the director of Whence You Came, my play which will be in the Planet Connections Festivity this summer, and which I’d never have proposed to them had I not met this director.

If I hadn’t refused to be bullied or cowed by some entitled young woman, I wouldn’t have a play going up in a festival in NYC.








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