This morning I was thinking about my reworking of an old story named for a woman but really about the men, and thought that if the men were able to think about anything not beginning with “I”, their society might have had a chance of evolving.

Even the amazing, loving, generous men I know, when they do good, the center of most of their do-gooding is how it makes them feel or look, or the legacy they want to leave or the importance of their doing good in the world (as if women weren’t) – and this is
hu-man, not just man, but I know a heckuva lot of women who habitually put others first and often pay the price of not seeing to their own oxygen mask before ministering to others.

And just now I saw a friend’s post of this:

“…the constant use of personal pronouns leads to a greater risk of heart attack. In a multicenter prospective study of coronary heart disease, health researcher Larry Scherwitz found that people who more frequently said I, me, or mine had a higher risk of having a heart attack and had a higher risk of their heart attack being fatal. Scherwitz found that this so-called “self-involvement” was a better predictor of death than smoking, high cholesterol levels, or high blood pressure. A more recent study conducted by researcher Johannes Zimmerman found that people who more often use first-person singular words—I and me—are more likely to be depressed than people who more often use first-person plural—we and us… interesting evidence that being too self-regarding really does make us unhappy.” (The Book of Joy, Desmond Tutu, Dalai Lama, Douglas Abrams)

Dang. Synchronicity again.


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