party til you drop?


Live each day as if it were your last. My dad espoused this philosophy. His life looked middle-of-the-road simple and wasn’t, but he did his best to follow the dictum. And yet, there are so many possible interpretations.

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do 15 things to make your life better

This post is a point-by-point response to “Fifteen Things You Should Give Up to be Happy.”

1. Let others be “right.”  Accept that yours isn’t the only right way to do or think or be, there are always myriad options that still fit that word.

2. Collaborate.  If you’re always in charge, in control, how little you will learn.  Think Buckminster Fuller’s dictum that the whole exceeds the sum of the parts.

3. Praise.  Instead of blaming this, that, or the other, find something praiseworthy in all things.  Much simpler than it sounds, and you’ll make new synapses as well (bonus to everyone with Alzheimer’s genes).

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