Back in December, I was attending a general-seating play at 59E59. I arrived early and chose my seat with care. When the house was almost full, A young woman and man came in, the woman pointed at a single seat elsewhere and told me I could go sit in it so she and her date could sit together. “No,” said I. There were a couple of empty duos, not nearly as good seats, and anyway I don’t like being bossed about, particularly by a young woman who believes that because she is with a man, she is worth more than I am. Continue reading

A question of perception, so I’m sharing it in Radiography of the Soul as well.

mise en théâtre

Perception is an interesting thing.

When I said “The clouds are purple and orange,” they heard “surreal.”

I was describing the sky during a forest fire.

When I said “My peonies are exploding,” they heard “I have hundreds of beautiful peonies blooming in my garden.”

I was just about to vacuum thousands of peony petals from my livingroom rug.

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